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winter lights and delights


Winter weddings don't get much better than this do they, I can't stop looking at these perfect flower girls ~ little sylphs

I LOVE winter, i'm so looking forward to things easing off just a little, early nights, cuddles with my babes and some time for introspection and retrospection. Time to rest my body and mind (who can remember when i was a yoga junkie??seems a life time ago) I tell my self that there is a season for everything. The ebb and flow of life. How amazing is it to have a life so immersed in the seasons.

This wedding season we had thank you after thank you letter and email. It's such a wonderful feeling to 'get it right' and to make someone's day. I had ONE complaint - one where i 'got it WRONG' and understandably this particular bride was very upset. This so rarely happens, in fact i don't think i have ever simply ~ got the brief wrong. It made my stomach turn. Where too from there ~ I apologised and I apologised and I didn't charge her at all. What would have you done? What more could i have done? I tried not to make excuses. That ONE leaves such a bad taste in your mouth, makes you second guess yourself, makes you doubt yourself, makes you wonder - wedding flowers are a huge emotional investment on the florists behalf ~ it's never OK to not get it right. So how does one cope with ALWAYS being the one getting it right. Just GET OVER IT right?

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