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white has never been my colour

This was a beautiful wedding that we worked on with the Great!Sweet team. Seems like a million years ago now but it sure was fun.

Our stands that we had made for a wedding last year really came into their own for the tables here. Overflowing with gum branches and pin oak foliage - dripping with white lisianthus and phalaenopsis orchids. You want wow factor - we'll give you wow factor...Out an out a white wedding if I ever saw one! We were pretty excited when this one made it into a number of publications.

Dusty nearly crawled this weekend, we all got bitten by tiny bugs, we had the ultimate stair master bump in and out up and down A LOT of stairs with ridiculous quantities of foliage and flowers. Serene cooked us scrambled eggs for breakfast. The best team ever - A pretty good one I would  have to say.

Images by Erin and Tara

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