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where has my yoga gone? actually where has my life gone?

For those of you who don't know me well for the last three years i have been completely obsessed with my ashtanga yoga practice. I totally loved it and i still do, but where does one find an extra two or three hours a day to make it happen.

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These days a daily two hour practice seems like a distant memory. It kind of makes me sad and it kind of makes me feel like a looser that i haven't been able to keep ALL the balls in the air..i mean why cant i get up at 4am go to the flower market, drive, buy, load the suckers into the van, head to yoga for a 2hour mysore class, shower, drive, unload, make flowers, deliver flowers, reply to many emails whilst driving, do flowers, order more flowers... get home, cook, eat talk to my bf and fall asleep watching HBO at 10.30pm cause i have to get up a 6 tomorrow to get to yoga...i mean WHY.

I did do this for 2 years but little old cecilia fox has really kicked me in the ass this past year and yoga has to pipe down and play second or maybe third or fourth fiddle...

OK i'm trying to be all yogic and remind myself that it doesn't matter but  IT DOES MATTER to me. I miss you sweaty tight body, i miss you damp yoga clothes..ok thats getting weird. Yoga don't leave me when i need you most, i am coming back for you just wait till this wedding season is over.. PLEASE

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Janni is one of my yoga pals she is just super woman and teaching ashtanga all about the place.

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