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Lately we have so may jobs that are nearly all foliage's..LOVING it. The colors the textures, it's so inspiring.
I'm having a bit of a crisis about imported flowers. Lately some of my favorite suppliers have been importing flowers from Holland to keep up with demand.....HOLLAND... that's 16534km away. Although I've been telling myself that at least they are not from a developing country where the working conditions are f#$*ed. At least that's what they do in Holland..they grow flowers..really well. It just makes me so depressed when it feels like the only option.
My good friend and rose grower Paul Hyland can't afford to heat his glasshouses in winter. His heating bill is more than he makes on his roses. It's cheaper to import roses from Kenya or Brazil. Beware those pretty big headed roses that will never open. Someone probably had to work a 18 hour day, be exposed to chemicals that have long been out of use in Australia, had their only water source polluted by chemical run off from flower farms, oh and did i forget, probably have to have sex with their manager to insure they get more shifts, so they can earn not quite enough money to feed their family...OH GOD, I have to stop watching depressing documentaries. But seriously you need to know....
enough preaching! how amazing are these slipper orchids ( yes imported from Taiwan)

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