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So, as we head deeper and deeper into wedding season it seems to get easier. Bebe on my hip, one handed arrangements or one handed typing or watching Serine make things that I want to do! Things seem lighter, I may have just got the right mix of helpers and staff. ( I hate that word, but you know what I mean)  I still feel like I am constantly chasing my tail when it comes to proposals, quotes and paperwork. While my amazing mama book keeper Kristy is away on maternity leave I have already turned her well organised systems into pure chaos. I've started seeing a business coach, which is pretty awesome. Always wanted to do something like that, and at this point it seems like a no brainer. It feels a bit like seeing a shrink, in the good way.

We have a huge few weekends of weddings coming up which I feel strangely calm and organised for but talk to me again after this weekend! Can't wait to share the pics with you all. ( oh do people still read this!!?? sorry i know i've been slack)

A couple of pics from our NZ holiday. Beach, beach, family, sunshine, beach.

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