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Spring is going to get really sprung around here

So the past few weeks have been filled with amazing things. Along with growing a human, meeting a million brides, trying to get their quotes to them....'pintresting' to hell and back... We are opening a teeny tiny cecilia fox shop! i'm really really really excited. There has been many emotional ups and downs in dealing with realestate agents, lawyers, council and all of the unromantic stuff but right from the beginning i felt like it was the 'right thing to do'. I said to Jamie one i insane? do you actually think that maybe i've got a problem? do you really think this will work? the answer...this shop is a no brainer it's perfect... I know i've let you down this winter with  broken promises of flowering classes, open studios and fun winter stuff and i could go on about just how busy i've been but i readthis instead. Growing a human gets you am i going to do this? will i ACTUALLY be able to do this? People say that you just do it and you make it work. Other people say they don't get out of there pajamas till noon. I read other blogs where women bake a lot and knit lovely things for their babies. Am i going to be a bad mummy because I'm imagining snuggling the baby in a sling and going to the flower market? Walking down to the shop and seeing how the girls are going, whipping up a few bridal bouquets while the baby gets passed around?  I know that i'm probably being unrealistic but maybe just maybe it will work? As the weeks go by i am increasingly excited and increasingly terrified, definitely more excited than terrified though...maybe we should throw it all in and start an organic gardening blog.. move to the country?

Anyway, back to the shop...we pick up keys on Monday and Donald our carpenter is all set to fit that baby out! Although we will be doing most of it ourselves and when i say we i mean Jamie and the girls. My belly has swelled to well over expected proportions to sand floors and climb ladders. Fingers crossed that we get planning approval from the council and we will be open early September...cross your toes this time that we get it all done before the baby arrives. Nothing like a deadline to get things moving.

I'm off to pot up succulents for the shop and sweet talk a few brides. Updates soon x

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