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new human

We made this amazingly cute human. Who would have thought life could be so sweet......

Welcome to the cecilia fox team tiny Dusty Landsborough Mildren.  17 days old today. Favorite flower, sweet pea.

Now I've never been a Mum before, so i'm really winging it like any first time Mummy. I could stare at this little guy all day, and I pretty much have been for the last two weeks. Mostly feeding, cuddling and changing. Dad is of course a complete natural and already planning beach trips and bike rides. Flowers have taken a back seat for me, but the girls are going strong, and lets face it our workshop is in my back yard there is only so much of a back seat i can take! We had our first Spring racing day at Caulfield last week,  Spring flowers melt my heart, Lilac, Viburnum, Dogwood soooooo good. And our first wedding of the season this week. Shit is about to get real around here. I have so many of last seasons weddings to show you too, oh and the shop is trucking along. I love it in there, so cute. Thanks to every one for your support especially our local cafes and residents. Such an overwhelmingly positive response, it's been wonderful.

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