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look out sydney

So so excited, this week cecilia fox heads to the big smoke Sydney. Flowering up two weddings with Georgeous. I am trying to pack everything we might possibly need. Arrrg it's really hard!

Also because today is a holiday the market wasn't on so i had to drive to pick up flowers from all of my suppliers. It was a lovely autumn day for a drive not counting the part where i drove into the back of a girl in her car and smashed the whole front corner off the cecilia fox van. Oh shit..just what i needed. At least we were both ok, albeit a little shook up.

To cheer myself up i bought myself pink and white sweetpeas, the very first of the season and organic earl grey tea. Life is OK

[caption id="attachment_496" align="aligncenter" width="403" caption="love that smile"]


I am very excited to go to the Sydney flower market. I hear it is much bigger and better than the Melbourne one.

And i have hired a nice fancy van which i will try not to smash up.

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photos by XISS Photography

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