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Just like the good old the 80's

We had a ball setting up a mothers day lunch for THE LADIES at crown metropol last week. It was BRIGHT. If fact too bright to photograph..and with the very very early morning start we forgot the camera.

There is absolutely nothing better that when the event designer arrives and jumps around and claps with glee....' Its perfect! It's just like the good old days.... in the 80's' Quote of the month me thinks.

Anyway. I'm packing my bags and heading north. It's kind of sabbatical, kind of resting, kind of creative retreat, kind of yoga retreat, Kind of slowing down and getting some perspective and inspiration for cecilia fox. It is most definitely hanging out with my friend Ruth and doing her wedding flowers and getting to go to a Jewish wedding!!! I'm so excited I finally get to do the dance. This trip will also include..long walks, swimming, tropical fruits, talking to my belly. It's a lot I know. My last proper holiday was to Greece it was amazing but it scarred me, it made me different. It is also on the other side of the planet. Thats really far. I have done A LOT of flowering between then and now and it will be nice to reflect. I am also a little scared to stop. You know how it is.

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