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im human, I just realised

It's true I'm human.

I had a slightly snarky email from a bride that i had not got back to this morning. She was 'astonished' that I was too busy or could not be bothered to make the effort to respond. Now i'll admit that its annoying not to get a response from someone when you email them but hell...everyones busy and you never know what's going on for someone else. Hows a cheerful have you remembered my email? or why not make an appointment to meet me in person? Making a personal connection is very important to me. I will go to the end of the earth for a client i love.

Anyway i'll admit it...i didn't respond and thats my failure. Humans...would  you want one to do your wedding flowers?

Love these shots of the lovely wooden ceiling at Stones of the Yarra Valley. Oh and the flowers were pretty nice too. Thanks Lindsey...

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