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hydrangea for the holidays

I have been soooooo slack..another thing to add to my to do list.

This was the last wedding we did before the holidays. The first Buddhist wedding we have done! Very exciting. The mother of the bride even got fresh beetle leaves from Sri Lanka for the ceremony. Quite a feat to get those babies through Australian customs.

The Poruwa is the traditional wooden platform that the Sri Lankan Buddhist ceremony takes place on. We decorated this one with masses of white hydrangea. Like a cloud.

The party was at Alto, way up the top of the GPO in Melbourne. It's a super chic urban venue. We hung these massive halos from the ceiling, i even got my scissor lift licence  so I could hang them from the highest ceilings in the city. I'll admit i chickened out of hanging them by myself but i did get them down at 1am. Quite comical i'm sure.

I love the green asparagus fern we used so pretty and is in fact mighty prickly, we all had scratches and pricks all up our arms but it was worth it!

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