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These were some flowers we made for an afternoon tea, way back in October last year. Lindsey took these gorgeous shots of some of our favorite spring blooms along with bits and pieces we scoured Brunswick laneways for.

Today I fear my brain has entirely left my head. I'm trying to work but the fog has set in. Maybe the day was meant for tacos in the sun and snoozing on the couch. When things start to slow down here I always wonder how it was that we were so busy. How did I do it? Was it really that busy or did I imagine it? I feel guilty that i have time to myself, I worry about not having enough work to see us through the winter, I procrastinate looking at new vans that have more seats, I spend time in the garden, I dream up new projects like pop up shops and winter flowering classes (this is going to happen by the way) I have time to cook. Pretty good eh?

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