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There are days like this that i get all emo and realize how incredibly lucky i am to be surrounded by so many creative people. At some point this week occured to me just what a rich experience employing staff is. What i have come to realize over the last year of actually having enough work and money to have people work with me, is that this whole process is just so inspiring and so full. Everyone who has been a part of cecilia fox over the last 12months has been truly amazing, inspiring and opened me up in ways i never even imagined. Today being the boss was hard and i wanted to cry. Learning about how best to communicate my ideas and how i want things done without being a creative nazi is really hard.  Why can't people just read my mind? It would be much easier. Learning learning every day.

These little dudes hang out with us in the studio some times. Talking  to us over the fence about black holes, how some clouds look like things out of star wars and some look like hippopotamus's.

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most entertaining

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lindsey took these cute shots....

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