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dirty secret

A little while ago i had an email from one of those fancy pant 2 million followers design blogs across the seas in the USA. I was knocked off my seat.What an amazing opportunity! They wanted to ME to submit some photos of my home. Now deep down i know that my little home is no designer home and really deep down i knew that no matter how much I cleaned and prettied the place up it just wouldn't do. Some how i really wanted to prove myself wrong....but i was right. I received my rejection email...lovely but not quite right for us. I'm not going to lie to you i did cry for about 30 seconds and then i managed to laugh and laugh and laugh. I am over it now but at the time the embarrassment was too much, did i need approval from an American design blog to make me feel good about myself? about my home? about my life? well it would have been nice!

sarah took this xx

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