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cecilia fox grand opening this saturday! thats tomorrow

Wow, it's going to be to the is still littered with sawdust and power tools but come Saturday morning it's going to look AMAZING. I'm so excited and i'm so grateful and lucky to be surrounded by so many incredible peeps. Your support and help and LOVE on this project has been above and beyond.

Come and visit us 221B Blyth St East Brunswick at the end of the tram line on Nicholson St. Eat some popcorn a little watermelon and make a day of it...visit CERES and have breakfast or a coffee at one of the THREE awesome cafes within spitting distance of us. Oh and buy some flowers! I got so excited about buying whatever flowers I wanted at the flower market instead of being bound buy colours or flowers of an event or wedding. The shop will be spilling over with spring blooms so come and get em wonderful people. Can't wait to see you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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