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brain time

Wow, 2012 was a huge year for us.... Baby, shop and double the weddings and events than the last year. I've barely had a chance to reflect on it all really but things are pretty amazing, we have had a beautiful month mostly off work visiting family and hanging with Dusty. Back to it this week and as usual most times i feel like i'm chasing my tail. Missing emails, not responding quickly enough to emails, and forgetting to put the out of office reply when we are on holidays. Who would have thought being a Mum and running a business would take up sooo much time. More time than there is in the day and the night and oh so much brain space! I have also aquirred an unhealthy obsession with Instagram.

If i haven't responded to your email I'M SORRY! Do try me again. Most people realize that i'm really good at doing flowers but paperwork and emailing are not my forte. I'm certainly no business woman but i do love what i do.

This wedding was at fourtyfive downstairs, we love it there. The olive entrance tunnel was the Pièce de résistance by all accounts.

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