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a blue sky day

I really LOVE Autumn...i may have mentioned it before. It was Easter this weekend and I was envious of those who had 4 days off.....we had weddings. Two days off in a row for us seemed like pure luxury. Sunday AND Monday, no phone calls and no emails It was heaven. We had a gorgeous day in the garden yesterday, it had really got out of control. An amazing Autumn day pulling weeds, harvesting potatoes and discovering beetroot beneath the weeds that i had forgotten i had planted. I'm so excited to plant up some winter crops and put inn a autumn winter green manure crop....I'm going to wait until after the new moon to do the planting though...we need all the help we can get. I'm going to plant all the native grasses i used for the Flower Show in my front's just succulents and grasses and the odd bit of geranium....Any day now our magnolia tree will shed it's leaves and reveal those silky's about august that they burst into mauve bloom. I expect i will be quite fat by then and spending much time in the front room staring out at it.

Anyway i'm way behind on the photo stuff. This beautiful wedding was in Philip island for Georgeous

yes we did thread all those leaves it took many days and many hands...a labour of love and worth it...there is some more photoshere This leafy installation looked great at night.

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