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Well, I'm here still and if you follow me on instagram you will know all the amazing things we have been up to over the last year - or really since Dusty has been born. I really miss this blog but hanging out on the computer writing seems like such a luxury these days! I know I always seem surprised at how much having a child has changed our lives and changed our business and changed our priorities but I really AM surprised. I forget how much I love writing and how wonderful it is for me as a human. It's so great to edit my thoughts, revisit some of the monumental flower moments and generally give myself a pat on the back for how great things are. Thought i should spend some time waxing lyrical about being a working Mum, running a business, the good the bad and the not as pretty as the flowers kind. It's hard not getting lazy with writing with INSTAGRAM. Also did i mention I'm six months pregnant? So much to come as i catch up on images and life and settle in before the next little frog comes so hang on.

Ive been holding out on these images for a while now and feeling more than a little nervous posting about one of Australia's most influential bloggers and i'll be honest - one of my heros and constant inspirational women in my life.  Photos by the one and only Sean Fennessy. Lucy  (The Design Files) and Gordys wedding

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